Thursday, November 01, 2007

Defense Of The Term "Illegal Alien"

I was listening to Hannity on the radio and some one called and asked if he could stop saying "illegal aliens" and use "Undocumented Worker." Sean very calmly and easily made his point that illegal aliens are not following the legal process of migrating to the United States, therefore they are entering the country illegally. And since any person born outside of the US, legal or not, is called an alien, a person who illegally crosses the border to live in the United States is an "Illegal Alien."

Ask yourself this;
Would you call a person who steals merchandise from your store an "Unaccounted Customer?" No, you call them a thief.
Would you call someone who steals your car an "Unregistered Driver?" No, they're a car-jacker.

Capital G Geek adds that you don't call someone who sells illegal narcotics an "Unlicensed Pharmacist," you call them a drug dealer. Nice.

Hehe, as serious as this issue is, I can't go without making a joke here.

Would you call someone who takes your money without your consent an "Unregistered Banker?" No, they're the IRS.