Friday, February 01, 2008

The Sick And Twisted Jihadi Mind

In an attack today in Baghdad, Jihadi's strapped dynamite and ball bearings to two women in separate markets, killing upwards of 100 people.

The sick part? The women had Down Syndrome and had been tricked by the extremists into putting on the vests, and were unaware that they were suicide vests.

From Hotair:
I also bring all of this up in the hope that liberal readers might finally extract their craniums from their backsides and realize that whatever you think of Bush, he’s not the problem. He didn’t start the war and he’s not the cause of the jihad. Animals of the type who would blow up innocent mentally disabled women to kill scores of other innocent people cannot be reasoned with. There’s nothing to talk over with people like that. They live in a state of violent depravity that puts them beyond reason barring some massive change in their own minds. We infidels aren’t going to make that chance by playing nice. We have to defeat them.