Wednesday, May 28, 2008

BEST "Cubs Suck" Site...EVER!

HAHAHAHAHAHA! I love it!!! In celebration of the Cubs reaching the Century mark since winning their last World Series, here's a mockery of them.

Then, check these out;

Did you know that CUBS is an acronym? Check it out!

* Completely Useless By September
* Could U Beat Somebody
* Could you be suckier?
* Can Usually Blow Saves (or Series)
* Completely Useless By Spring
* Champions Until Baseball Starts
* Can Usually Be Swept
* Cork Used By Sammy
* Can't Undo Being Sucky
* Can't Understand Baseball Scoring
* Can't Understand Baseball Strategy
* Constantly Uttering Bull SH@* (When talking about Cub fans)
* Choke Under Baseball Stress
* Children Use Better Stategies
* Crap up baseball's sanctity
* Completely underachieving batters, starters
* Cry unnecessarily 'bout Stoney
* Constant untimely base-running snafus
* Cubs Utter Baker Sucks
* Continually Upstaged By Sox
* Chicago's Underachieving Baseball Squad
* Constantly Using Bad Strategy
* Coming Up Behind Sucks
* Completely, Utterly Blown System
* Chicago's Ultimate Bitch Squad
* Completely Underachieving Baseball Scrubs

And as a Cardinal's fan, my personal favorite...