Thursday, March 09, 2006

Leftists ≠ Free Speech Pt. 3

A faculty member at Duke University decided that they were going to get attention at a speaking event today by stripping off their clothes...Well, at least their tops. They were supposed to have athletic bras on for women, and a bare chest for the guys. However, they never mustered up the nerve to do so. Instead they decided that noisy disruptions were a better way to try to block out the speaker.

When asked about the incident the organizer, Director of Undergraduate Studies, Diane Nelson said, "We came to listen to him. We didn't come to disrupt him. We couldn't help but laugh at some of the things he said-like when he said professors only work five hours a week."

However, in an e-mail she herself sent out, she said:
They claim he will "‘expose ’ academia." …Here are some ways we will "‘expose them." I say we all wear jog bras (for ladies) and nothing (for boys) under our T-shirts and at a given signal pull them off.

Sounds like an orchestrated disruption to me. On top of that this is what the Duke University Faculty Handbook states:
It is the policy of the university to protect the right of voluntary assembly, to make its facilities available for peaceful assembly, to welcome guest speakers, and to protect the exercise of these rights from disruption or interference.
...Therefore, Duke University will not allow disruptive or disorderly conduct on its premises to interrupt its proper operation. Persons engaging in disruptive action or disorderly conduct shall be subject to disciplinary action, including expulsion or separation, and also charges of violations of law. …Disruptive picketing, protesting, or demonstrating on Duke University property or at any place in use for an authorized university purpose is prohibited.
While the university will always protect freedom to espouse an unpopular cause, faculty members have a responsibility not to involve the university. Hence, when speaking, writing, or acting in the capacity of a private citizen, they should make every effort to indicate that they are not spokespersons or representatives of the university.
The university may terminate the appointment of a full-time academic staff member having a term appointment prior to the expiration of the appointment, or may terminate the appointment of an academic staff member having continuous academic tenure prior to retirement, for misconduct or neglect of duty.

However, I've discovered when you confront a liberal about interruption of free speech...

This is what I get.

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Hat Tips: Michelle Malkin, FrontPage Magazine, Duke Chronicle