Wednesday, March 08, 2006

UN Has Officially Lost It

First Oil For Food, then "Iraq isn't so bad," then there was the "torture" at Gitmo, that was "confirmed" by people who never went there, and now the United Nations has issued a report saying that Israel is a terrorist nation, and Palestine is the victim! Have they been watching too much of Pallywood?

"Dugard said settler violence has been particularly egregious in the West Bank city of Hebron. His 22-page report made no reference to Palestinian terrorism, but said Hebron settlers "terrorize the few Palestinians that have not left the old city and assault and traumatize children on the way to school.
Dugard filed his report before Hamas won Palestinian elections in January and made no mention of the Islamic militant group, which is sworn to Israel's destruction and refuses to renounce violence.
The report "ignores the fact that the Hamas, considered as a terrorist organization by the family of nations, controls the Palestinian authority and disregards the enormous efforts done by Israel to fight this terrorism while preserving humanitarian law and human rights," [Itzhak] Levanon said.
In the first three months after the Gaza withdrawal, targeted assassinations by Israeli defense forces in the territory killed 18 civilians and injured 81, in addition to killing 15 militants.
Palestinians have launched rockets from Gaza against southern Israeli towns, and Israel has retaliated with artillery fire and airstrikes." - NewsMax