Thursday, March 09, 2006

War on Christ

When I first saw this cartoon, I thought, "Stupid Liberal Hypocrites." It is yet another example of the double standard of being a liberal. You claim to support free speech, but when the time comes to actually step up to the plate, you don't follow through with it.

However, I am glad that this incident was on a Canadian College. Because, for one, the ACLU would be all over this about how they had every right to post the cartoon. But mainly it gives yet another reason for Crazy, America-Hating-Liberals to get out of the place they hate. Ever since Bush won the election 5 1/2 years ago they've said that they would leave the U.S. Well, here's at least one place where you will fit in. And in case you don't know where to go, just head North.

And if even that is too complicated, then here, let me provide you with a map. Your destination is the Green area of the map. Do not stop until you get to the green area, and know that in the beige area, you are not welcome to stay, unless you are on the edge of either side.

The worst part of this ordeal is the lack of genuine apologies from most of the editors. For example:

"The comic was actually laid out and went to print as a result of an editorial oversight and a mistake,’" production manager Liam Richards said yesterday. "It was not our intention to have a [public] reaction to it.” - FF Times

What a load of crap.

Also, see Lost Budgie for companies that most likely will become former advertisers on the page of the paper.