Wednesday, June 28, 2006

GOP and College Caption Contest 11

It's time now to announce the winners of the GOP and College "Roid Rage" Caption Contest

(Original sign - LET ME HEAR YOU SCREAM)

10 )

- Chris A

9) Realizing that redenecks cannot read, Ozzie's sign is blank. - Wyatt Earp

8) Kids: Stay off drugs or Play Baseball. - Damon Z


- After a steroid incident in the majors, poor Ozzie was limited to triple A Ball.

6) Roids?. It's cholera, I tell ya, cholera. - DohXs

5) "I Throw A Mean Pickled Pigs Feet Slider." - Radio Free Fred

4) There's really nothing sadder than a large, illiterate, feline mascot... except maybe a midget, illiterate, feline mascot... - jwookie

3) Spotting a Baseball loophole where mascots were concerned, Leo went crazy on Feline Growth Hormone. - Cowboy Blob

2) "Catnip Is Not A Controled Substance." - Radio Free Fred

And the winner of the contest:

1) Look everybody! No stains on my cat box liner! I'm finally housetrained. Yay! Maybe they'll let me into the dugout now. - Matthew Gates

Other Photoshoppped images:

- Dave

- "Distressed with the Sounds' performance and feeling
there was no other alternative, Ozzie ends the game
with a bang." - Scott

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