Sunday, June 11, 2006

You Call Kerry A "War Hero?"

John Kerry "served" in case you didn't hear him touting it all over the place about how he received 3 Purple Hearts (from wounds no worse than a rose thorn scratch) and a Bronze Star in his 4 months of service. And then he went home, threw away his medals, and claimed horrible attrocities that service men in Vietnam had done as a part of the Winter Soldier ordeal. This apparently gave him "War Hero" status for going, serving a little time, then kicking his fellow soldiers to the curb.

Now let's hear the story of a REAL War Hero. One that most likely won't use his service to vault him into a political office, or really much more than a couple lines on a resume after he returns. I'm talking about Spc. Steven Clark, from Fitzgerald, GA. This man has been shot by insurgent bullets on 3 seperate occasions. He was shot in the back, on the shoulder, and on his calf. Plus he was wounded by a grenade on his back and his leg. He has recieved his 3 purple hearts (a fourth coming from teh grenade), and a Bronze star with valor. But he isn't cutting and running from Iraq. He REFUSES to leave his fellow soldiers. He actually has said that his wounds were a mistake and were punishment for letting down his fellow soldiers. And there are many others.

So you're telling me that you wanted a coward who cut and run as soon as he could to lead this country? Some one needs to inform the frenchy-liberals what a real man looks like to lead this country. Because it sure doesn't look like John F. Kerry.