Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Light Posting

Yes...I've been a bit light on the posting lately. I'm training the new co-op to replace me since my sentance...I mean time is up as of next Friday. After that I will be traveling...a lot! I will be visiting with the College-ette for some time, then going to New Jersey/ New York to hang out with my Brother, The Man, and my sister. After that I will be in Memphis for the NHRA Mid-South Nationals (Be sure to look for pictures!), then I'll be moving back up to school in Cookeville, and at the end of August classes start back.

And somewhere in there I'll post...I PROMISE! But in the mean time excuse the sparatic posting.

OH! But be watchful on caption contests that I like to enter:
OTB (and Gone Hollywood!)
The Right Place
Wizbang (when I remember)
And a few others.