Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Great Work Mr. Right

Over at TRP, Mr. Right has updated his rankings of political figures on a scale of 0-100, with 0 being the far left fringe, and 100 being the far right. The scale is set as such:
(((((ACU Lifetime + ACU 2005) / 2) + NJCC 2005) - ADA 2005) + 100) / 3 = RPI

Here are some prominant people's rankings.

Alcee Hastings - 11 (apparently he was impeached AS A JUDGE for lying under oath and taking bribes in 1989)
Harry Reid - 11 (Gotta love land deal scandals Harry)
Nancy Pelosi - 6
Pat Leahy - 6
Barbra Boxer - 5
Charlie Rangle - 4 (Who has never met a tax he didn't like. Especially the "Tax as you go" method)
Ted "Papa" Kennedy - 3

And now, look here at Fighting Joe Lieberman, who was kicked out for being "too conservative". He gets a rank of 22.

As for the Democratic hopefuls in '08:
18 Evan Bayh (IN)
10 Joe Biden (DE-Senate Foreign Relations)
10 Hillary Clinton (NY)
9 Russ Feingold (WI)
9 Barack Obama (IL)
7 John Kerry (MA-Senate Small Business and Entrepreneurship)

Speaking of Massachusetts, they recieved the most liberal score of all 50 states at 6.2. They are all Dems, and the highest ranking in the state was an 18.
And for my brother The Man, as if it weren't expected, The Empire State ranked 41st out of 50 in liberalism.
Oklahoma took first place with a score of 87.4. The lowest score was Dan Boren, the lone Democrat at a moderate 52. Everyone else was over 90.
Tennessee ranked 21st, but we do have some bragging rights, my Presidential pick, Marsha Blackburn ranked 97 out of a possible 100. Only 2 people were higher with 98s.

Ans especially notable, is Harold Ford Jr. The strong "moderate" Democrat...who got a ranking of 27. The ACU has him at a score of 19 all time, and only a 21 for 2005 on conservative points. The National Journal has him ranked as a 42, but the killer is that the ADA has him listed as an 80 lifetime voting record for liberal ideals.

I have asked Mr. Right if there was any way to find information about Bob Corker, Van Hillary, and Ed Bryant. We'll see if he can pull this information.