Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Electoral Vote

Bush - 291, Kerry, 228

The electoral vote predictor shows Bush leading today 291 electoral Votes to Kerry's 228. Notice one thing about this map. Look at the size of the area that si for Bush, then look at the area for Kerry. This was the exact same as it was in 2000. New England and the West Coast were Democratic, and the heart of America was for Bush. Kerry has at least some vote in only 18 states, yet it amounts to 228 electoral votes. That's an average of 12 or 13 electoral votes per state. The average electorals per Bush state, 9. Also there are only 8 states that Kerry has a more than 10% lead, Bush has 17. Bush almost has as many states for sure voting for him, as Kerry has any size lead! This shows the classic Democrat philosophy. If we can coerce the high population areas, we don't need to worry about the little people. Gore used that philosophy, and didn't bother to campaign much here in Tennessee (his "home state") and because of that he lost the state by less than 4%. Had Gore actually cared about his own state, he would have won the election, and there would have been no senseless recounts.
The problem with that is that even though the high population people vote for democrats, they have done almost nothing to help them. They claim to lower taxes, but they don't. They claim that voting for Republican will take away your government check. That's yet to happen (although I admit there's times when I wish they would). One thing I don't understand is why the ultra wealthy will always vote Democrat. Republicans are for the idea that what you earned, you should keep. The Democrats believe that "Well, you made this much, it's your duty to support the people that refuse to work."
The best point made on the ideology of democrats was something I heard from a friend of mine here at Tech. He said, "The difference is that Democrats think in a philosophy of theory. 'Well, if we do this, this should happen.' (example: More UN Resolutions to get to Saddam) Then you have the Republicans who look at the past choices and the outcome of those choices." Like Bush said in the first debate, "Saddam Hussein had no intention of disarming. Why should he? He had 16 other resolutions and nothing took place. As a matter of fact, my opponent talks about inspectors. The facts are that he was systematically deceiving the inspectors. "

Side Note: Funny first debate transcript