Friday, December 16, 2005

Pelosi's An Idiot

House minority leader Nancy Pelosi is mentally challenged or something along those lines. She and a few other democrats have single handedly torn apart the Democratic party, and now has succeeded in doing so even more. This article in the Washington Post says that now, instead of coming up with a unified exit strategy for Iraq, she wants Democrats to refrain from a unified exit strategy. So now they are going to continue to complain about how the war is going, but when asked what they would do about it the best you can get is a shoulder shrug.

I get the feeling that Nancy climbed up the stupid tree, all the way too the top, then nose dived strait down to the ground. "Pelosi, one of the most liberal Democrats in the House, opposed the war and, as the senior Democrat on the intelligence committee before the invasion, argued that Saddam Hussein posed no imminent threat to the United States."

No imminent threat to the US? Maybe, but to his own country and the surrounding nations. I just have to point to the Gulf War, and the killing of thousands of Kurds for that one.