Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Ever since I can remember I have always been a huge NASCAR/Auto racing fan. Also ever since I was born, there have until recently only been Chevy, Ford and Pontiac racing in the NASCAR Winston Cup (Yes, I still call it the WINSTON Cup). A few years ago Dodge decided to throw themselves in the mix and race the Intrepid (Which I might add looked VERY sharp), and now they run the new Dodge Charger. Now Toyota is throwing themselves in the mix for the 2007 season with the Toyota Camry. To me it looks almost identical to the Chevy Monte Carlo body that is currently used now.

Interesting Side Note:
President Bush checks out Tony Stewart's Orange Monte Carlo, and Tony has been so successful in racing that he has become a "regular" at the White House.
"Joe Gibbs, owner of the team and coach of the Washington Redskins, said Bush was joking with all the guys. It got so chummy that one team member gave the president a sporty pat on the rear and told him he is doing a good job, Gibbs said."