Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Weekend Caption Contest

Source - Reuters

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10) After her flawless audition, Hillary was immediately hired to play "Alvin" in the new "Chipmunks" movie. - Harvey

"And here we have a still photo of our subject. This Bellowing Hippo was seen rampaging through the House of Representatives and on Caiptol Hill in general, up until the moment she was finally put down by the game master's tranquilizer gun. This still was taken at the moment of impact.
Senator Clinton has been taken to a zoo in Mongolia where she will no longer do damage to the American Democratic Process. Upon waking, she raged about her personal freedoms, but was of course ignored as it was evident she has no care for anyone's personal freedoms, as evidenced by her rampage.

For National Geographic today, I'm Jesse W. Good night and Good Day." – DesertElephant

"...and thens we defeats those nasty neo-conses, and the Precious will be mine, all MINE! GOLLUM!! GOLLUM!! – clif

Get that cross away from me! – Space Monkey

"Honestly Senator Clinton, 'Close, but no cigar' is just a figure of speech" – Rodney Dill

And don't EVER touch my penis AGAIN, you hear me?????????? RottsoRuck

Ted! Put your pants back on! – Lee H

"I can't this my "pretend to like black people" smile, or my "pretend to like Jewish people" smile?" – Aaron Walls

"Don't you dare talk to a white woman like that!" Nick Lepanto

And the Winner of the "Chipmunk Caption Contest"

The Hillary face.
Reason #1,987,648,973,148 to keep this woman the hell out of the White House! – Old Man Winters

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