Friday, March 10, 2006

Did I Hit A Nerve?

Apparently so. My post about how liberals love to interrupt people with conflicting views ticked this liberal off so much that he thought it was a funny joke to make a pornographic picture the homepage he selected for his comment.

So Steve from Connecticut, here's to you, for making a complete fool of yourself.

I won't give a direct link to the picture because I can't verify the age of the people who visit this page. But the name of the picture was enough to tell me what it would be of.

*UPDATE* When I asked Steve not to link to improper pictures in the comment section, he had this to say:
"haha i think it's very funny. what's funnier is that you honestly think a bit of razzing leads to the end of free speech for conservatives." - Steve

*UPDATE II* He just keeps on digging a hole. I wonder if I should show him how big of a fool he's making himself.
"and i've selected a new homepage, hopefully you'll find this one more agreeable." - Steve

*UPDATE III* I deleted the homepage listings that steve had as pornographic websites. As suspected, there is a law prohibiting the showing of that material without proving that the viewers of the page are of age to do so. The law is United States Code, Title 18, Section 2257. So rather than be forced to not allow a specific demographic to view my page, I removed the homepage.

As a side note, steve, I said I would not want to ban you, however, if you continue to make pornographic links your homepage, I will be forced to do so. So if you want to remain able to post comments, then it's up to you to keep that privilege.