Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Why Punish LA Times and WSJ Severely?

Many liberals as well as most of the MSM have been asking the questions "Why are Conservatives so quick to want to strip the press tags of the New York Times Slimes, but not WSJ or LA Times? They claim that it is because the NYT is adamantly liberal, and therefore an enemy, while the editorial page of the WSJ is staunchly conservative.
But then they fail to tell you that the LA Times is VERY liberal, as well as everything aside from the WSJ's Editorial Page. Granted, "Opinion Journal" and "On the Editorial Page" are apparently yet to comment on the breaking news, the fact is that I don't believe the move is politically motivated, or should be done to the severity of revoking Press status. I think the two papers should be fined heavily if the government had asked them to not publish the article, but aside from that nothing. This is my reasoning:

The LA Times and Wall Street Journal DID NOT "Break" the story. The New York Times gathered the information, wrote the article, was told it was a matter of national security, and was asked by the government not to publish the article, then did it anyways. The LA Times and WSJ merely regurgitated the information. Taking away the Press credentials of the LA Times and WSJ would be like closing down the designer of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge for its design flaws and then additionally closing down the company who paved the road on the bridge and the company who made the steel support wires for merely working on the bridge.

As I said before, if they were asked by the government not to run the article, then they should face a hefty fine, but the New York Times is a REPEAT OFFENDER. Abu Ghraib, NSA Wiretaps, and now this were all broken by the New York Times. The man in the photo with the dogs at Abu Ghraib that evoked such a stir admitted he was NOT the man in the picture, despite giving the Times an interview claiming he was, the NSA wiretaps had been going on in one way or another for decades before the Bush Administration was tapping them, but the Times "failed to remember" that fact, and now this (Which by the way led to the arrest of two terrorists) is the third time. And in baseball, and most states, after 3 strikes, YOU'RE OUT!