Thursday, July 27, 2006

We're Not The Only Ones With A Looney Left

Private Pigg at Public Figures Beware found an interesting bit of information;

"I won the election. Yes, I'm the president of Mexico," he told the Spanish-language Univision network in an interview that was to air Wednesday and Thursday. "I am the president of Mexico according to the will of the majority."

... It's no wonder, really. As liberal programs that create dependency, breed irresponsibility, and cost people jobs become less and less appealing to people, liberals start to lose elections. Liberals in the US learned that long ago, and turned to "other" avenues. Mr. Lopez Obrador will just need to start using some good old US lefty tactics:
1. The courts. Use activist judges to circumvent inevitable democratic results. You'll lose on abortion? Just have 9 robes decide it's outside the purview of democracy.
2. Civil disobedience. Just protest. Unendingly. Everywhere. For any reason. Disrupt businesses, funerals, meetings, etc.
3. Media. Make sure the editors and owners of all the major media outlets are liberals. Then just tell everybody that everything is going poorly, even when it's not.

Obrador lost the election by about 244,000 votes, and supporters pledged to have a peaceful resistance to the results, but in true liberal fashion, "peaceful" means to wait for the opponent to arive, then spit vile insults at them, destroy property, and say it was justified.

Facing weeks of indecision, Lopez Obrador's followers Tuesday launched what they promised would be a peaceful civil resistance campaign, backing claims that vote fraud cost their candidate the race.
Despite pledges to avoid confrontation, a knot of leftist supporters waited for Calderon Tuesday outside a meeting with trade unions in downtown Mexico City, screaming insults at him and slamming their fists against his car as he left.
Lopez Obrador refused to condemn the incident, saying "people are reacting to an offense." His party issued a statement saying "the aggression was not promoted by us, but was the response to constant provocations by (Calderon), his party and business leaders."

Liberals: Do as I say, not as I do.