Sunday, July 09, 2006

Why The NY Times USED To Be #1

The New York Times was often thought to be the premier source of reliable information and news around the world. USED to be.

From NY Daily News:
"FBI Assistant Director Mark Mershon said, "We know that he has acknowledged pledging a bayat or allegiance to Osama Bin Laden, and he proclaims himself to be a member of Al Qaeda."
Hammoud also told his captors that he was acting "on a religious order from Bin Laden and said, 'I am proud to carry out his orders,' " a Lebanese official said.
To carry out those orders, Hammoud planned to go to Pakistan for four months for training and had already undergone some light weapons instruction with a Syrian man who came to Lebanon this year, Lebanese cops said." - NY Daily News

And now, garbage like this by Eric Lipton only proves the fact even more. Days after Daily News said that about Assem Hammoud, the NY Times had the balls to write a piece with this title:"Recent Arrests in Terror Plots Yeild Debate on Pre-emptive Action by Government."

"But the Miami and New York cases are inspiring a new round of skepticism from some lawyers who are openly questioning whether the government, in its zeal to stop terrorism, is forgetting an element central to any case: the actual intent to commit a crime."
Talk without any kind of an action means nothing," said Martin R. Stolar, a New York defense lawyer. "You start to criminalize people who are not really criminals."
In the two most recent plots, the authorities have simultaneously warned that the suspects were contemplating horrific attacks,— blowing up the Sears Tower in Chicago and setting off a bomb in a tunnel between New York and New Jersey but then added that as far as they knew, no one was close to actually making such a strike." - NY Times

You know if we have to constantly remind a news papeagencyct that their "Destroy America's Honor First Then Apologize Later" attitude doesn't work with things like this, you think they'd learn. Nope.
Once again. The NY Times USED TO BE the premier source of news in the country.
The chart at left compares the NY Times stock price over a 2 year history. While the Dow (blackNASDAQaq (green) and S&P 500 (red) are about 10% higher than they were 2 years ago, the NY Times is down 45% from it's place 2 years ago, and still falling.