Thursday, June 29, 2006

It's That Time!

Hot Wing Conspiracy Football is officially CLOSED! We have 16 teams, many of the same people who are in the Baseball league are joining the ranks for the HWC Football season. And here at GOP and College, I have the OFFICIAL lineup for the Third Annual Hot Wing Conspiracy Football League!

To give credit to the Commish, I'll introduce him first, then the returning players in order of finishing last season, then the remaining stars who are are in the HWC Baseball League, then finally, rounding out the end, the rookies.

First to the stand, The Commish, and my brother, The Man of GOP and the City, playing as Robots Eat Babies!

Next, the Defending HWC Football Champion, myself, GOP and College, playing as The Hot Wing Chump-ion!

Finishing second in the football season, and playing as the Gashouse Gorillas in baseball, Wyatt Earp of SYLG playing as The Ball Sackers!

Skipping down to the 6th place finisher of last seasons HWC Football league, playing as RFTR again, well, RFTR!

Finishing 9th last season in the Hot Wing Conspiracy Football League, webcats!

Finishing at the bottom of the standings in the previous season, but doing VERY well in the Baseball league, bRight & Early!
And now for the baseball stars who are in their first venture to HWC Football!

First up, at the top of the baseball standings by 1.5 games with Wookies Will Win, John of Cake or Death as the Gridiron Wookies!

Currently placed 4th in baseball as The Columbia Cardinals, "The Safety Man" (as I call him) playing as The Columbia CRUNCH!

Currently placed 5th in HWC Baseball as Akhtar The Divorcee, PrivatePigg of Public Figures Beware as I hate Hillary!

Currently placed 6th in HWC Baseball, fm of fmragtops spews with fmragtops' spewers!

Currently 10th in baseball as The PAW's, The Lawhawk of A Blog For All as Mr. Wolf Cleaning Svc!

And now for the Rookies!

First off, I think from Young Republicans playing as Gumbo!

Next up from the minors, Hector Vex playing as The Hebrew Hammers Hector Vex O-Trons !

Continuing on, is a guy I worked with on my co-op, The Red Dog himself as the Rose Hill Reddogs.

Next up, just drafted, the Gados!

And last but not least, coming out of retirement, my pops playing as the Tax Dodgers!