Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Great Storm That Won't Be

Liberals whined about Ernesto becoming the next Katrina, however, Ernesto has become more of a fizzle than a boom. The storm is slated to hit the southern part of Florida packing mere tropical storm winds (45 MPH now). In fact, Ernesto has decreased so much, that it is on the border of losing it's title of Tropical Storm (39-73 MPH winds) and simply being a Tropical Depression.
And I hate to be the bad guy a mere one year after Katrina, but after reading tripmasters statement about the Katrina aid, "Many of them are still waiting for assistance, a year after the event," I was glad to see this reaction of intelligence:
For cripes sake! How many more BILLIONS do we have to pour into that septic tank of LA.? Where did all that loot go for all these years? Why didn’t they reinforce those levees years ago instead of having the spoils go to all the “leaders” of that hell hole. The history of corruption and fraud is legend, and I am sick of all the whining and moaning about “were’s my assistance”.
I live in AZ. by choice, where’s my “assistance” for My A/C bill? Maybe if they didn’t get “assistance” they would get up off of their fat asses and do something besides breed to get more “assistance”.
Other good reactions at the very liberal Think Progress:

If they are waiting for aid then their beef is with the LOCAL government. The feds sent the money to them and that is how it ALWAYS works. I forgot to add: WAAAAAHHH!!!!! There feel better? - Retired Republican Soldier

You guys just don’t get how silly you look everytime you hype up one of these storms just to have it peter out on you. - Jason M. Hendler

Worst hurricane season my ass.