Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Hot Wing Conspiracy Week 21 Recap

HWC is back at GOP and College for this week and next, as the fantasy baseball league wraps up the regular season and heads for the playoffs.
So before I get rolling into the games, here's how the scoring breaks down:
The stats your team builds up are broken down into 12 groups. For batters, there are runs, homeruns, RBI‚’s, strike-outs, stolen bases, and battering average. For pitching, there are wins, saves, strike-outs, holds , ERA, and WHIP. When the week is done and the stats are totalled up, each one of those categories is a win, a loss, or a tie for the teams playing. So in a given week, you can have any combination of wins, losses, and ties that add up to 12.

Let's get to the games!

Baghdad Bombers - 6
The right wing nuts - 3 (3 ties HR, RBI's, and SB)
I had this game the whole week, but I was disappointed in the bombing squad. Jim Edmonds was, and still is out with a concussion, and Garrett Atkins went the whole week without putting one over the fence. On top of that Miner getting blown away in just 1 1/3 innings and the 2 run 1/3 of an inning blown save by Izzy rocketed my team ERA to 5.65 with a 1.35 WHIP. The nuts were able to beat teh ERA with an ugly 4.85, but lost the WHIP with a 1.52. Somebody on my team hit the detination button while we were still huddled, and cost the Bombers a large win, and with this week's game vs. the dominating Wookies (139-93-20, 6 games ahead of the 2nd place Cardinals) my playoff spot may not be very secured, even with a 9 game lead over 7th place.
Game MVP: Austin Kearns - 7 Runs, and RBI's, 3 Dinggers, and a stolen base, with a .316 average. Sorry Papi, not this week.
Game Wash-Out: Zach Miner - 1 1/3 innings pitched, 6 runs, and he lost his rotation spot. Ouch.

Wookies Will Win - 10
Robots Eat Babies - 1 (Tie in Saves)
Yoo know, it's fun to see my brother get beat, but not that bad. Wookies were pissed about losing to fmragtops last week, and it showed. I mean this one wasn't even really close. Wookies dominated most of the pitching stats, and killed with an ERA of only 3.36. Batting was all Wookies. With Chipper, Dye, and Delgado combining for 12 Home Runs, it's pretty easy to see why he's first. Also, wookies are locked for the playoffs.
Game MVP: Jermaine Dye - 8 times across the plate, 11 RBI's and 5 home runs with a .393 average.
Game Wash-Out:The Man - Ater a 10-1 win last week, being on vaccation this week vs. the number one team may have blown the Robot's chances at a playoff spot. At least he had fun though.

RFTR - 4
webcats - 8
Pitching and hitting were both 4-2 in favor of the cats. RFTR's philosophy of leave it alone isn't quite working as well as it did in football. If he would have updated his stats, the scores may have been reversed since webcats didn't check his team either.
Game MVP: Paul Konerko - 5 runs, 7 RBI's, and a couple knocks. That's the best...
Game Wash-Out: The coaches - RFTR has no chance at the post season, but if webcats loses this week due to lack of concern, then he'll more than likely be out too.

bRight & Early - 5
Poca Dots Blog! - 7
Surber lost to Wyatt last week, and that had to be pretty embarassing, but he pulled out a win to drag bRight down to the playoff bump spot, only 2 games ahead of 7th place. It was pretty much a pitcher hitter duel with bRight getting skunked in every hitting catagory except stolen bases.
Game MVP: Chris Capuano - 12 innings, 7 hits, 2 runs, and 12 K's Not bad.
Game Washout: Nick Swisher - 1 run, one RBI, one HR, and 6 fans, with a .105 average.

The PAWs - 6
fmragtops spewers - 5 (Tie in pitchink K's)
FM is still a bit shaken up from the 10-1 routing last week, but he put up a good fight for the PAWs. This game was about as even as you can get. 3-3 in the hitting stats, and 3-2-1 in the pitching. The PAWs have a killer bullpen, but apparently the starting rotation can't get a win if it killed them. FM is playing Repubs lost in SD this week, so unless something drastic happens, fm is about as locked in as they get.
Game MVP: Vernoin Wells - 6 runs and RBI's, 2 knocks, and 3 stolen bases.
Game Wash-Out: Danys Baez - 1/3 of an inning 4 runs, a 108 ERA for the game, and a trip to the DL. Ouch.

Repubs Lost in SD - 2
CZC Owns - 9 (Tie in holds)
Wyatt and CZC are teh only two teams to have had a losing week to SD, but unlike the gunslinger, CZC didn't want to make the same mistake twice. SD only took saves and K's but with an overall ERA of 7.82, CZC had an easy time pitching, and took all of the hitting stats by storm.
Game MVP: Kenny Rogers - 2 wins, 17 innings, and only one run allowed. Way to go Hoss!
Game Wash-Out: Mark Mulder - 1 game, 3 innings 9 runs. Yuck.

Akhtar The Divorcee - 9
The Glatinators - 3
Akhtar smacked the Glats pretty well here, however, what impresses me the most is that in a whole week, the entire Glats team only had 13 strikeouts. Akhtar is one of the few teams that elected to have a bare minimum pitching staff, with a loaded set of hitters, and it seems to be working pretty well, except in the K's.
Game MVP: Carlos Beltran - 10 Runs, 7 RBI's, and 3 knocks, and only one K. Shame his average was only .222
Game Wash-Out: Brad Radke - As the only Akhtar starter with over a 1.50 ERA for the week, he sticks out like a sore thumb.

Gashouse Gorillas - 6
Columbia Cardinals - 5 (Tie in HR's)
I know, I was bashing Wytatt earlier, but it was all for this...WYATT BEAT THE #2 TEAM! If this was ever a week for the gorillas to shine, this was it. Cardinals were lucky this week. I was watching the matchup closely, and for most of the week Wyatt had a significant lead, to the extent of 7-3 or 8-2.
Game MVP: Lance Berkman - 6 runs, 8 RBI's, and 3 dingers
Game Wash-Out: A. Rod - 3/24 for the week with 2 runs, 2 RBI's and a home run. But what gets me? The 14 whiffs. A-rod struck out more times this week than he made contact with the ball.

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