Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Hot Wing Conspiracy Week One Recap

Week one is over in the Hot Wing Conspiracy Baseball League. And man, did I ever get the smack in the face I needed. First, let's go over the scoring rules for the league. The stats your team builds up are broken down into 12 groups. For batters, there's runs, homeruns, RBI's, Strike-outs, stolen bases, and batter's average. For Pitching, there's Wins, Saves, Strike-outs, Holds, ERA, and WHIP. Each one of those is a win, a loss, or a tie. So in a given week, you can have any combination of wins, losses, and ties that add up to 12.

Now, on to the scores:

Baghdad Bombers: 3
Robots Eat Babies: 8, one tie
I got toasted on this one. Either all of my batters suck, they're all lead off, or the team they're on scores no runs because I only got one offensive victory, steals. Pitching was close, buit not by much. I won in holds and in WHIP, but lost in the others. Well, the tie was in Wins at 3. A horrible week. Just wretched.

Ragtops: 6
RFTR: 5, one tie
These teams were very one sided. Ragtops had the pitching, RFTR had the hitting. And the tie was in the batting average, which I don't think I will EVER see again.

CZC Owns: 5
bRight&Early: 7
Another Batters/Pitchers match. Pitchers won again. *UPDATE* Sorry about the mix up! bRight won that one.

Akhtar The Divorcee: 5
webcats: 6, one tie
This was a very even match, with the tie being in stolen bases. Akhtar got destroyed on batter strikeouts, 21-51. The lower the better.

Columbia Cardinals: 8
The right wing nuts: 4
Bonds was a no-show, but it didn't matter. However, each stat was VERY close. Cardinals didn't play much better than the nuts, despite the score.

Wookies Will Win: 7
Gashous Gorillas: 5
Pretty much a Pitcher/Hitter duel, but some key points in the pitching stole a win away from Wyatt because the points Wookies won weren't much more than Wyatt's. However out of the 5 that Wyatt took, there were some blowouts.

The Glat-inators: 1
The PAWs: 8
Dominance....shear dominance. The score REALLY was the matchup. Glats tied in saves and holds at 1, and only won pitching wins 2-1...And Hafner is a BEAST. 4 HR's, .444 BA, 7 scores, and 5 Ribbie's

Poca Dots Blog!: 8
Repubs Lost in SD: 3

Both teams split horrible pithcing stats (both had ERA's over 5), and Surber pulled the win out in batting.

Week 2 Matchups:
Baghdad Bombers v. Poca Dots
RFTR v. Robots Eat Babies
Ragtops v. bRight&Early
CZC Owns v. webcats
Akhtar v. The right wing nuts
Columbia Cardinals v. Wookies will win
Gashouse Gorillas v. The PAW's
Glat-inators v. Repubs lost in SD