Sunday, August 13, 2006

Mike Wallace: Off His Rocker

Mike Wallace has been quoted saying that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is a good man, smart, and other things like that. Well, he appeared with Sean Hannity, and this is what struck me as being quite scary. Remember how Ahmadinejad said that he would like Israel wiped off the map? This is what he told Hannity;

Sean Hannity: Mike, but his statements are such that he wants to go beyond that. His statements are annihilate, wipe off the Earth.
MW: No, no, no.
SH: The world.
MW: Hold it, hold it.
SH: Wipe off the map.
MW: Yes, he says wipe off the map, and of course I asked him over and over about that. He says in effect, hey, it's perfectly sensible to do.

And Mike Wallace believes that he is a smart, good looking man, and not a crazed dictator looking to a) wipe out an entire nation of people and b) conquer the entire world and destroy all "infidels."

K T Cat makes a good point about the Mike Wallace bit.

People are taking Mike Wallace to task over this. They are missing the point. Mike is one guy. He's an airhead with a microphone. Who held the camera for him? Who held the boom mike? Who did his make up? Booked his flight, edited the film, got the coffee, took notes on the trip and on and on and on. It's insanity at the corporate level.

We don't need to be asking all of the questions to Mike Wallace, but some of them need to be directed to the top members there at 60 Minutes, as well as the corporation itself.

H/T: The Scratching Post