Saturday, August 12, 2006

The U.N Calls The Fight

Lebanon's reaction to the U.N ceasefire is more or less predictable. Like a boxer who doesn't realize how bad he's beat, they declared victory, despite the fact that Israel was much stronger, and was able to put a pounding to Hezbollah.

Many bloggers believe that this resolution is a loss for Israel and the western world, and in a way I see it is. There is no way that Hezbollah is going to stop shooting rockets into Israel. Like when Israel gave Gaza to Palestine, the militant muslims in the area refused to stop fighting, but continue to play the media like a fool, and look like the victim.

I think that this resolution is a lot like a WWE Wrestling match. Israel is pounding Hezbollah to the ground, and out of mercy, the referee (U.N.) stops the fight, and sends the fighters to their corners. But it's not over. Something distracts the referee, and BAM, Hezbollah lands a cheap shot. Israel retaliates just in time for the referee to turn around and gets the punishment. And because the referee "didn't see" the Hezbollah attack, Israel has nothing to go by.
After that leave it to Hezbollah sympathizing photographers in Lebanon to give the MSM just want they want:
Israel looking like the bully.

I will say, at least Israel is going to get the 15,000 U.N. troops they wanted.

And looking around, Musilms do not really trust this resolution either. However, they believe that Israel will be the one to issue the cheap shot.