Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Hot Wing Conspiracy Baseball Finale II

This time its real folks! The baseball season is over after a 2 week long final battle. And it's sad to say that the rankings didn't change much. However there are two big upsets.

The score that had the same outcome was:
RFTR - 9
Akhtar The Divorcee - 2 (Tie in holds)
Looks like Pigg just caved.
MVP: Aaron Harang - 3 wins and 2 complete games with 23 K's and a 2.81 ERA for the week.
Goat: Aside from Pigg's lack of managment, Joe Crede. A 2/21 slump over the 2 weeks hurts.

In the tied ball game, a winner finally arose:
bRight & Early - 7
Columbia Cardinals - 5
At least the real Cardinals haven't flopped like these Red Birds. Glad I got beat by the team that eventually came out #3.
MVP: Ichiro Suzuki - 6 taken bases in 2 weeks turned the tides for bRight. Without that it would have been a 6-6 tie
Goat(s): Derek Lee - Only appeared once in a pinch hit, and missed his shot.
Safety Man - Chris Cuncan was on the bench even though he went 10/39 with 3 homeruns, and 7 runs. That cost The Cards 3rd place.

And now for the Floppers:

webcats - 10
The Glat-inators - 2
This one was a complete turn around from the 9-2-1 score Glats had the week before.
MVP: Raul Ibanez - 6 Home Runs, 14 runs, and 13 RBI's with a .404 average. Stellar performance.
Goat: Johnny Damon - Turncoat went 4/40 over the 2 week span with only 4 Runs, and 3 RBI's

Wookies Will Win - 7
fmragtops spewers - 5
Wookies led the game for one day, but it was the one that mattered. Wookies dominated the season, so I'm glad to see that they came out on top.
MVP: Albert Pujols - Was there any doubt? 4 homeruns, 8 Runs, 14 RBI's and a .364 average.
Goat: Jason Maruis - Over the 2 weeks he posted a 11.05 ERA. That alone almost killed the Wooks

Here are the official FINAL standings for HWC Baseball.

1st - Wookies Will Win
2nd - fmragtops spewers
3rd - bRight & Early
4th - Columbia Cardinals
5th - Robots Eat Babies
6th - Baghdad Bombers
7th - RFTR
8th - Akhtar The Divorcee
9th - webcats
10th - The Glat-inators
11th - The PAWs
12th - Poca Dots Blog
13th - Gashouse Gorillas
14th - The right wing nuts
15th - CZC Owns
16th - Repubs lost in SD