Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Liberal Take-Over Of Criticism

I blogged about how liberal bias at was raising the rating of Cindy Sheehan's book, Not One More Mother's Child.

I watched as multiple hate filled liberal reviews remained on the site, when accurate critical reviews were deleted. One reviewer even called Amazon out on the fact that htey kept reviews up by people who clearly stated they had not even read the book.
"I think we've all watched enough news coverage to have witnessed Cindy Sheehan's transformation from grieving mother to tool of leftist groups. It is a shame that so many people have no problem with this poor woman being taken advantage of by people for their own interests. They provide her with PR people who don't have her best interest in mind and have no problem with ordinary Americans coming to see her as less of a grieving mother and more of an unstable radical. Even sadder is how Amazon removes any poor reviews and leaves up reviews by people stating they haven't even read the book."

Now Michelle Malkin has noticed the same thing at You Tube. First Michelle's video, "First, They Came" a montage of the Mohammad cartoons was banned on You Tube claiming that it violated the Terms of Use laws, now the group Conservative Youtubers has come under fire, and has been flagged for the same reasons.

So any criticism of Islam is considered blasphemy, and should be punished by death, but images like these from Islamics in the middle east are permissable, or even welcomed?

Grow some balls YouTube.