Tuesday, October 24, 2006

NRO Mentions TN Senate Race

Apparently even Bob Corker thinks the RNC has gone too far.
The ad features several people posing as man-in-the-street interviews, all attacking Ford. “Terrorists need their privacy,” says the first person. “When I die, Harold Ford will let me pay taxes again,” says another. “Ford’s right,” says a third, “I do have too many guns.” Then, in the part of the ad that has gotten the most attention, a young woman in a sexy outfit says, “I met Harold at the Playboy party.” After a few other people speak, the ad returns to the woman, who says, “Harold — call me.”
Yeah, that's a bit far. The points are legit, but that's something to be brought in a debate civily, not in that way.

The last part about the Playboy party, Ford will claim, "I’ve never been to a Playboy mansion party," all day long, but he has been to a Playboy party OUTSIDE the playboy mansion. Playboy hosted a party in 2005 which ford attended.