Sunday, November 05, 2006

Hot Wing Conspiracy Week 9 Preview

It's Sunday morning and the smell of pig skin and freshly chewed up grass is in the air. So without further delay, let's look at the games set to start today.

Hot Wing Chump-ions vs. Mr Wolf Cleaning Svc
If there's ever a chance for my chumps to core their first win of the season, it's this week. Wolf has been averaging about 25 points per game, compared to my Chumps average of 35. If Houston can stop Eli Manning this afternoon, then I think the Chumps have a very good chance to dominate this game. I'm feeling optimistic this week, and I'm going to predict the Chumps to finally snap their losing streak. Chump-ions win this game 45-35.

Hector Vex O-Trons vs. Robots Eat Babies (BLOWOUT ALERT!)
The Man almost broke the century mark last week in the 98-20 routing of Gumbo last week. I would have to say that 78 will stand as the largest M.O.V. in HWC football history for a long time. The man set the record 14 points over the previous record back in week 9 of last season. The Man is averaging an astonishing 78 points per game for the last 3 games, and as the season goes on, I believe that he will make his march to the top of the standings. Vex on the other hand is averaging only about 35 ppg for the last 3 weeks. I don't think Vex is going to know what hit him. Robots are going to destroy Vex 75-30.

Gumbo vs. Bright & Early
Don't you love people that "forget" they have fantasy teams to keep track of? HWC should seriously think about having a pot for the champion, then maybe people will pay attention to their team. Gumbo has started Trent "On my ass" Green every week throughout the season. Granted his back-up is Matt Lienart, who is on a bye week, but still, at least LOOK at your team. bRight on the other hand is 6-2 with a 3 game win streak, that he's hoping to extend to 4. I agree, and I think that bRight will come out on top this week, 65-30.

fmragtop's spewers vs. webcats
This season has been a season of the underdogs for the most part. The Wookies are in 7th after winning the cup in HWC baseball, fm is 3-5 after placing 2nd, and the previous HWC champ, myself am in dead last. What the heck happened?! Poor fm is screwed on his matchups. He's got Carson Palmer against the freight train of the Raven's defense, or David Carr against the Giants. This is going to hurt like hell for fm, and it's gonna show in the score, especially with Tomlinson facing the always weak Cleveland Browns. webcats will take this game, 55-45.

I Hate Hillary vs. RFTR
Big Ben vs one of the strongest defenses in the NFL, the Denver Broncos. Roethlesburger has averaged a pick and a half, and 3 sacks per game for the past 4 weeks, and I don't think that it's going to be any different this week. I'm rooting for a blowout, because if my chumps can pull off a win, and RFTR loses big, I will no longer be in the last spot! I'm betting that IHH will break his proverbial foot off in RFTR's rear end this week. IHH to win, 60-30.

San Jose Arrowheads vs. Gridiron Wookies
It's the former baseball champ vs the HWC's version of Southern Cal. Fortunately though, Southern Cal, and San Jose both had their luck finally run out. And I've noticed something, however Vex has done on the Sunday before a So Cal game, Cal repeats. San Jose had a streak of nail biters, barely winning, then lost to a team that at the time really sucked. San Jose to Gumbo, and Southern Cal lost to Oregon State. This past week, San Jose destroyed Vex 79-18, and So cal demolished Stanford 42-0. This week San Jose plays the 5-3 Wookies, and So Cal plays the 7-2 Oregon. I'm feeling vengeful this week, so I'm going to call that San Jose predicts the outcome again of So Cal. Wookies will win this game, 65-50.

Rose Hill Reddogs vs. The Ball Sackers
Wyatt is in the middle of the wrong type of streak right now, with 3 losses in a row. He went from being the dominant team to 6th place in just 3 weeks. Ouch. One good thing is that at least Wyatt still has the highest points...What's that? Oh, I'm sorry, The Man has taken over the top offensive spot at 503 points, over Wyatt's 500. Come on now Wyatt! You had to settle for second last year, and dangit, you're not going to do it this year! Wyatt to win this one, 60-45.

Tax Dodgers vs The Columbia CRUNCH (GAME OF THE WEEK!)
I love a good fight, and this game has it all over it. It's the 6-1-1 Tax dodgers vs. the 7-1 crunch. These two are #1 and #3, but someone has to take the fall. And I'm thinking that my pops has to be licking his chops looking at his matchups. Drew Brees' #3 ranked passing vs the #22 ranked defense, The Bucs. On top of that Tory Holt and the Rams in KC. Mmmm, points galore. However, the great equalizer is the Rams lack of a defense, and they are facing teh unstoppable, Larry Johnson, who racked up 34 points last week in Seattle. This game will be close, but I'm rooting for my old man to win this one. Tax Dodgers to take it to the house, 65-60.

And now, time for the Yahoo! Vegas Lines! (Home - spread - Visitor, Victor in bold)
Hot Wing Chump-ion - 0 - Mr Wolf Cleaning Svc
Robots Eat Babies - 11 - Hector Vex O-Trons
bRight & Early - 7 - Gumbo
fmragtop's spewers - 5 - webcats
I Hate Hillary - 6 - RFTR
Gridiron Wookies - 8 - San Jose Arrowheads
The Ball Sackers - 15 - Rose Hill Reddogs
Tax Dodgers - 3 - The Columbia CRUNCH