Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Did You Expect Anything Different?

The NY Times Endorses No Republicans For 2006 Elections

Comments about the news:

Look up the voter registation and voter histories of the members of the NYT editorial board - I have. They are all primary-voting registered Democrats and all of them live on the West Side - starting with Ms. Collins on down the list.
In other words, their endorsements should be a surprise to no one. Nor should their endorsements sway anyone, unless it's for a Upper West Side Democrat District Leader Primary... - anon

While this doesn't surprise me -- and indeed it pales in comparison to deliberately leaking classified anti-terror measures to try to hurt the Bush Administration (carelessly putting all Americans at risk for political gain) -- it's just another sad example of a newspaper trying to hijack public opinion.
Their attempts to do just that failed in 2004, and they will fail again. - Kyle Coppola

The Times? That's like, a newspaper, right? Wow, I remember those. We used to spread them out on the floor before painting the walls. Now we buy plastic sheeting for the price of a Sunday issue. Are those newspaper things still around? What for? - Frank