Monday, October 30, 2006

Only In Alabama

Teen Arrested for Raping His Own Mother.

Reason #6927 why I hate Bama.

Funny Bama jokes:

The Alabama football team was in a bar cheering in unison very loudly, "48 DAYS!" They would then drink, slam their glasses, and get another drink repeating, "48 DAYS!" After about 5 times of this, one patron finally got sick of the cheering, and went to ask what all the fuss was about.
The bama team captain Proudly stood up and said, "The puzzle said 3-4 years, but we finsihed it in 48 DAYS!"

How about this one:

An Alabama student was strolling across his beloved Tuscaloosa campus and noticed a crowd of student gathering in the middle of the street. Upon investigation the Bama student observed a visiting Auburn student jumping up and down on a manhole cover shouting out, "Twenty-two! Twenty-two!" over and over.
Puzzled by this behavior, the Bama student inquired, "Why are you jumping up and down on that manhole cover, shouting out numbers?' The visiting Auburn student responded, "Because it's fun!"
While pondering the jumping, shouting Auburn student's response, the Bama student has to admit to himself that it looks like the Auburn student is enjoying himself. "Let me give that a try," requests the Bama student. "Sure," says the Auburn student as he stepped to the side of the manhole cover.
The Bama student then proceeded to hop up and down on the manhole cover. After about a dozen hops the Bama student addressed the Auburn student, "I don't get it, this isn't really that fun." The Auburn student replied, "It's not fun because you're not jumping high enough and not shouting 'twenty-two' loud enough. Jump really high and shout really loudly."
The Bama student started to jump really high and shout, "Twenty-two!" at the top of his lungs. All of a sudden, the Auburn student jerked the manhole cover off the manhole and the Bama student plummeted into the sewer. Casually the Auburn student replaced the manhole cover. The Auburn student then resumed gleefully jumping up and down on the manhole cover as he shouted, "TWENTY-THREE!! TWENTY-THREE!! TWENTY-THREE!!"

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