Sunday, November 19, 2006

A Letter To The President of the Univ. of So. Carolina

*Update* I was mistaken on where the game was played. I thought that the game was a home game for the Blue Raiders.

This is a word for word copy of a letter which I have sent to the President of The University of South Carolina.
One of the members of my church is a member of the Middle Tennessee State University Marching Band. As you should very well know, the South Carolina Gamecocks played and defeated the Blue Raiders, 52-7.

But, you may ask yourself, "What is so important about the fact that your friend is in the band?"

As the MTSU band marched into Floyd Stadium Williams-Brice Stadium, a South Carolina fan (possibly a student) maliciously threw a football at the band members. The ball hit my friend in the head, knocking her down to the ground. The attacker then walked down, picked up the ball, and left without saying a word. From what I have heard, this attacker was not apprehended, and has gotten away with assaulting a close friend of mine. Since the attack my friend has complained about a severe constant headache.

I am asking you to investigate who the attacker is, and when found, enforce disciplinary action upon the perpetrator. Irresponsible actions like those taken against the MTSU band members are unacceptable, and should be dealt with strictly, and immediately.

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Recipients of the letter:
Dr. Andrew A. Sorensen - President of The University of South Carolina
Dr. Sidney McPhee - President of Middle Tennessee State University
Dr. Glenn Reynolds - Law Professor at The University of Tennessee, and owner of the site, Instapundit.
Michael Silence - Reporter/Blogger for Knoxville News Sentinal.
The Tennessean