Thursday, November 30, 2006

HWC Football Week 13 Preview

It's getting to be crunch time in Hot Wing Conspiracy Football. The Chumps are in last place still, and desterately need to win one game, and at least tie the other in order to avoid finishing the season in last place. But in order for that to happen either Rose Hill Reddogs or RFTR must lose out, a task which is hard to accomplish. Let's see what kind of luck the teams will have this week.

Hot Wing Chump-ions vs. The Ball Sackers
Ball Sackers have been streaking worse than a drunken Will Farrell on a cold night. And with the loss of Donovan McNabb, I can't see the Philly Law Man bringing in much success. But then there are the Chumps. Who's luck actually rivals Wyatt's. These two were neck and neck last season all the way to the championship game. Wyatt, I'm afraid to say it, but it looks like with LT playing the Bills, Rivers might as well just direct snap it to LT every play. I think the Chumps are going to pull this one out, 60-58.

Robots Eat Babies vs Rose Hill Reddogs
Manning is facing the Titans again, and to some you might think, "Ugh, here's another lack luster performance." I think you're wrong. Manning has 12 TD passes in 6 home games this season, while only being sacked 4 times and only being picked twice. Be prepared for Addai to have a good game, but for manning to go at least 250, 2 TD's, and maybe one sack. Rose Hill on the other hand...not so good. The dogs have been strong lately, but Vince Young is going to get shut down this time, BADLY. REB is going to help the Dogs get down to last place. Robots Eat Babies win, 60-40.

Hector Vex O-Trons vs. I hate Hillary
Josh Scobee is a bastard. Getting 15 points to top my Chumps on a Monday night, and it looks like he's going to do the same thing to poor Pigg's team. IhH's saving grace, Marc Bulger against the Cardinals. The last time these two played, it was an air raid with 565 yards of passing offense with a mere 164 rushing yards. If it weren't for Warner's 3 picks, Arizona would have dominated. This time look for the same, but with much more scoring. I'm going to agree with Vegas and play for the tie. There are too many ifs for this game to be called one way or the other. Tie ball game, 60-60.

Gumbo vs RFTR
Now here's a game that rips me in two. On one hand, I want RFTR to lose, to give me one more option for getting out of the pit. On the other hand, I despise when a fantasy owner steals players in the draft, then never actually looks at their team. Both teams have been playing poorly lately with Gumbo not surprisingly losing 3 in a row, and RFTR only scored a total of 15 points last week vs Buck Turgidson. Gumbo will win 30-25.

Buck Turgidson vs webcats
All I can say is that teh LT train is coming through, and Buck, LOOK OUT! The best thing he can do is to just step off the tracks and let the train pass through. No need to look at other players since this one will likely be a one man show. webcats will win, 70-60.

Tax Dodgers vs San Jose Arrowheads
Pops is in for a thriller this week, as is San Jose. Both teams have key players in big time match-ups. The Dodgers have Drew Brees vs the 49ers, San Jose has Willie Parker against the Bucs. However, I think this game will be a matter of consistant player, rather than depending on one super star. Often times depending on one player leaves the rest of the team dead in the water on a bad week. I think this may be one of those weeks for the Tax Dodgers. San Jose will win 70-65.

Gridiron Wookies vs fmragtops' spewers
The Wookies Romo-fied me, and if it werent for that, I would have been one step closer to being out of the cellar. And it looks like the Romor train will strike again in NY against the Giants. All I can say to fm is..Run. Run very hard, for a LOOOONG time. Wookies Will Win (again) 75-30.

The Columbia CRUNCH vs bRight & Early
Star Power vs. Consistancy. Which one will win out? Tom Brady is licking his chops as the Pats face off against the lions at home but Steven Jackson and The Rams are facing the Cardinals in St. Louis. This game is slated to be the game of the week, and it may just end on a last ditch effort by both teams with Keyshawn Johnson for Crunch, and Brian Westbrook for bRight on Monday Night. I think this game will be an upset for bRight. CRUNCH to win it, 65-63.

And now, back after a Thanksgiving Break, the Yahoo! Vegas Lines
Victor - Spread - Loser (@ means home team)

The Ball Sackers - 7 - @Hot Wing Chumpions
@Robots Eat Babies - 18 - Rose Hill Reddogs
@bRight & Early - 1 - The Columbia CRUNCH
Gridiron Wookies - 19 - @fmragtops' spewers
@I hate Hillary - 0 - Hector Vex O-Trons
@RFTR - 5 - Gumbo
Buck Turgidson - 4 - @webcats
Tax Dodgers - 1 - @ San Jose Arrowheads

Hmm, so much for Home Field Advantage this week!