Tuesday, November 28, 2006

GOP & College Caption Contest 13

*UPDATE* Bumped for the Winners

I saw this picture at Yahoo! and instantly though, "This picture needs a caption!" Entries will be due Wed. at 5 PM, and winners will be announced some time after Thanksgiving.

The Awards!

#10) Ahkmed's date was suitably impressed by his ability to bring down an infidel plane. – Jimmy B

#9) The lines for PS3s continue to get more bizzare. – The Man

#8) "Wooly" was the sole survivor. The escaped animals claimed they stole the jet and fled due to the constant sexual abuse inflicted upon them by their muslim masters. Asked about the death of his comrades, Wooly stated, "Better dead than bred" – Chris

#7) Mohammad Atta's widow Betsy poses with the trainer aircraft that he never leared to land. – Rick

#6) "Special Forces may not be able to land a plane worth a damn, but they're STILL the undisputed masters of disguise". – Harvey

#5) Senator Kennedy's office is refusing to comment... – Trubble

#4) During a training session for the Iranian air force, Achmed the fighter pilot regretted his decision to join the "mile high club" during the complicated aerial manuevers portion of the course. Luckily, Fatima, his date, survived the experience... – Beerme

#3) (And winner of an Engineer Joke Award) Sheep: "Don't look at me like that, a**hole, I told him the assembly instructions for the kit plane were upside down. He's the friggin' engineer, fer chrissakes. Jacka** - Scotty

#2) Many denizens of the internet community gathered to try to caption this image. After careful deliberation, they decided it was gay, and unworthy of a caption. – fmragtops

And last, The winning entry;

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