Friday, January 05, 2007

26 of 40

Sorry I've been out of the 'sphere for so long. I've been in Atlanta for quite some time and have also been spending time with my family. My sister came in from Joy-see with her Husband for New Years. Also in town for New Year's was the College-ette, and that was fun. I almost took 1st place in a $20 buy in poker game. I settled for 2nd and taking home my buy-in.

I just came back to post about this survey over at

It's from 0-40 with a 0 being 100% Liberal, and a 40 being 100% Conservative.
Jesse Jackson got a 0, and Ronald Reagan is a 40. I scored a 26, one point over George H. W. Bush, and 4 below Jack Kemp.

I've always maintained that I am a a social moderate and an economic hard-line conservative/libertarian, and this quiz pretty well proves it.

Other quizes are the "Shortest Political Quiz Ever" where I scored one step more towards Libertarian than Conservative.

And just something I've been contemplating lately. Right Wing Clothing has made a remix of the song "The Battle" from The Chrinicles of Narnia, and at the end has a piece of Reagan's Farewell Address to the nation in it. Go read the whole thing, and listen to the song. It's impressive.