Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Most Unnecessary Bill

Phil Berger, a Republican from the NC state Senate has put forward a bill that would require the NC government to review a script before it begins filming in the state. Reason for the bill being launched; The rape scene in Hounddog.

I am against this type of legislation. This type of legislation is nothing more than government stepping in in attempt to tell the people what is good for them. I don't feel that the government should tell a director or producer that people shouldn't see the movie. I think that the people who see the movie should be the ones to make that decision. On top of that the bill could be used for selective censorship, something liberals wanting to indoctrinate the population would have a ball with.

If ypu've ever seen the movie Equilibrium, you can see what ccensorship of this type can turn into.

Hounddog is bound to fail. Most who saw the movie has so far said it was disappointing. Video and DVD companies won't touch it and this movie is bound to be a collectable before it gets the chance to be released to the public. After that fact, of course the Hollywood elite will blame evangelicals ad right wingers for the failure of the movie, not the fact that the movie may have actually sucked.

I know this is a bit sadistic, but I would rather see a bad movie be made and fail miserably, rather than be stopped at the state capitol.