Thursday, February 22, 2007

The #1 Reason To Blog Anonnymously

There are a few people who know my true identity, but they are a select group of family and friends. This guy is the number one reason why I don't just hand out my name and personal information.
...Later that day we found a list of names on the front porch, complete with addresses, boys and girls, all members of the college Republicans. I was 9th on the list. I contacted a few of the people on the list and only one had received a visit from this guy, and they hadn't even answered the door because they knew of his affiliation and what he was coming to say. For lack of better words, we were pretty unsuspecting. His arraignment is on March 1st, and our school newspaper is doing a large investigation of his ties to other organizations on campus, etc. For now, we're all pretty scared about what this guy'll do now that he's back on the streets.
And what's even scarier is the fact that this is not a first. There are others.

Recently, I was quick to condemn Tony Katz when he threw a chair at Joe Redner after Redner insulted his weight during a televised political debate, as well as when the GOP site apparently put a Hitler-Stache on Howard Dean, but where is the condemnation from the left? What are their thoughts on this incident?