Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Tony Snow's Cancer Returns

It's true.

And the liberal powerhouses are remarkably tame...or so it seems. Note this on Think Progress:

Comment #22 states:
"#20 firehead
Go ahead scumbags. Wish Tony death. We all know you are so twisted by your own hatred.
And look who shows up to spread hatred. Sorry, firehead. That’s beneath us. Why don’t you say something nice about Tony instead."

However, Comment #20 says this.
"Prayers for a recovery, and for his family.
Glad he has a good health insurance program. Wish the rest of us did." - Hardy Haberman

Or this comment which is currently #21 commenting on "#22"
I think you’re stretching it. I don’t think Tony Snow got cancer to distract us from the #3 Dem presidential contender.
Best of luck to Tony. Unlike Limbaugh, I’m glad to see that TP readers know that politics is politics, but someone’s health is above pettiness and snark.

Now granted the "firehead" was a raving fringe conservative, but this asks the questions, "How many offensive comments have been deleted already?" And "How many of those deleted comments were death wishes?

But there are others that have not been deleted...yet:
"God’ll get all you GOP sleazebags for selling out the country." - klaus

"Hundeds of people are diagnosed with cancer everyday. It sucks for anyone. Why the fawning over an a-hole like snow? He’s the mouthpiece for a group of thugs that have hijacked our country. He can rot in hell with the rest of them. Niceties are long gone after six years of Bush and his cabal running the show." - buzzbomb

The fringe is still there, they've just been muted.

Democratic Underground hada good idea and nipped the problem in the bud.

Malkin has more.