Thursday, May 31, 2007

I'm Calling Bulls$%^ On This One

Malkin raises a flag about the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle shooting on July 28th last year. She notes that the shooter is pleading insanity. OK, but she misses the really big kicker in my books.

Haq's attorneys, C. Wesley Richards and John Carpenter, said Haq has a long history of mental illness, hospitalizations and suicide attempts over the years. He has most consistently been diagnosed with bipolar disorder with psychotic features, which Richards called "a very debilitating type of mental disorder."

"Obviously, we believe it had a substantial impact on Mr. Haq's conduct," Richards said.

The attorneys also dispute that Haq committed a hate crime. Richards said Haq did not "as a result of religious hatred."

Not a religious hate crime? Let's look back on it a little bit.

Haq is accused of forcing his way into the secure Belltown offices of the federation on July 28 by holding a gun to the back of a 14-year-old girl.

He carried two guns, court documents allege, and spewed anti-Semitic statements as he made his way through the office, randomly shooting people he encountered as some screamed and tried to escape or hide.

The shooting came a day after the FBI had warned Jewish organizations nationwide to be on alert after Hezbollah leaders in Lebanon and al-Qaida's second in command urged that the war raging in the Middle East be carried to the U.S.

Haq reportedly told operators in a 911 call during the shooting, "These are Jews. I want these Jews to get out."

So if neither of these are a hate crime...what is?

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