Saturday, July 21, 2007

GOP and College Caption Contest 15

It's time to announce the winners of GOP and College's 15th Caption Contest.

5th: Even gay-rights advocates had to agree that the Massachusetts wedding cerimonies were getting out of hand. - jimmyb

4th: "Slide 17: Kama Sutra position #417" from Barack Obama's sex education course for Kindergartners. - J Wookie

3rd: "... but Frank Zappa and Jerry Garcia took the brown acid anyway. What happened after that... let's just say it wasn't pretty". - Harvey

2nd: President Bush's colonoscopy went off without a hitch as doctors were able to remove some polyps and a couple of Hindus - The Man

And the winner:
Management training session #8: Learning How to Stick Head up Own Ass. - Chris A

Source: Yahoo!

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