Thursday, July 12, 2007

Hillary Hypocrisy

"This commutation sends the clear signal that in this administration, cronyism and ideology trump competence and justice." - Hillary Clinton, July 2, 2007

"A lawsuit that accuses Sen. Hillary Clinton's brother of failing to repay a loan from a couple who were pardoned by President Clinton will not go to trial in Nashville today.

The trial has been continued until next month. Tony Rodham's attorney said last week that the suit will be settled.

The bankruptcy court case asks Rodham to pay $107,000 plus interest to the estate of United Shows of America, owned by the late Edgar Gregory and his wife, Vonna Jo. Rodham says the money was for consulting services and not a loan.

The couple received pardons in a bank fraud conviction in March 2000, two years after Rodham became a paid consultant to United Shows, a carnival business.

Rodham has said he mentioned the possible pardons to his brother-in-law but said Clinton made the decision to grant clemency to the Gregorys on the merits of their case." - The Tennessean, July 12, 2007

Commentor Reaper states, "Oh, yeah, because there's absolutely no difference between a farewell pardon of a small businessman with no political influence whatsoever and a senior White House aide pardoned in the middle of a term."

However I found this interesting bit of information;

Tony Rodham advocated a pardon for Edgar and Vanna Jo Gregory. The Gregorys, who owned a carnival company, defrauded a federal bank. When the pardon was publicized, Hillary stated that Tony was "not paid" by the Gregorys for his work on the pardon. Tony repeated that line on the Larry King Show.

After an investigation, the House Government Operations Committee disagreed and announced that Hillary's statement was inaccurate. Now, a federal bankruptcy court overseeing the carnival company's bankruptcy is about to rule on whether over $100,000 paid to Tony Rodham at the time of the pardons was a loan or payment for "consulting."

The Gregorys contributed over $100,000 to Hillary's campaign and other Democratic causes. These folks were well known to the Clintons — they visited them at Camp David and were hired to stage two carnivals on the White House grounds — paid for by the taxpayers."

No political influence what-so-ever huh?

The Clintons; The real masters of cronyism.

H/T: The Man (Ret, through E-mail)