Saturday, July 28, 2007

You Know What Sucks?

The way NASCAR does qualifying now. It used to be that the first round of qualifying was on Friday, and the top 25 were locked in. Then the second round was on Saturday to set positions 26-38. You had the option to either stand on your time, or shoot for something better. Then positions 39-43 were based on Champion's Provisionals. If you weren't fast enough, then you sat out. Plain and simple.

Now the top 35 teams in owner points are guaranteed, allowing at most 8 cars to get in on time. I don't like it because if a driver who is guaranteed a spot runs 1 second slower than a "go-or-go-home" guy, the go-homer gets the shaft. The change was made to "encourage people to race every week," but NONE of the Toyota's who have been there every week are in the top 35. They are always some of the faster cars in qualifying, but because of this rules change, they've been getting hosed all season.

NASCAR in my opinion should either go back to the way it used to be done, or they should run like the Saturday night local racers and have last chance qualifying races for the lower positions.