Thursday, August 09, 2007

California Liberal Gets Burned Trying To Undermine Fred Thompson

The website was a site that appeared to be set up by presumably Southern white supremacists, but something smelled a little off. Ed Morrissey of Captain's Quarters investigated. The first step was to do a DNS search of the site. It brought up a California man by the name of Henry Reynolds, of Santa Monica, CA. Weird. So then Ed looked up the name to see if there were any donation records. There were three; $500 to, $500 to DNC Services, and $250 to John Kerry.

A KKK member donating to far left liberals? Sounds fishy. Now look at this. (This was the no brainer for me) The genius that is Henry Reynolds put this phone number as his contact for the domain name he registered; (310) 393-7052. The phone number for the liberal attorney who donated to liberals? (310) 393-7052. The man was soooo smart and cunning that he put his OFFICE PHONE NUMBER as his contact number when he created the false website. I also would not be surprised if he registered the website with the address of his law office.

However if you look now, the site in question is gone, but as you can tell from the previous clicks on links, Ed cached the site for all to see. The site now links directly to, and shows Reynolds true colors. But something that Ed doesn't catch. This little bit at the bottom left of the page:
"Paid for by John Edwards for President"

Could something slightly more sinister be at play here? I'm going to e-mail Ed about it.

H/T: Captain's Quarters via Hot Air