Monday, July 30, 2007

The Quick Wit I Wish I Had

There's a reason I stick mostly to serious subjects, and not so much in the way of humor. It just doesn't come to me very quickly.

However, it comes pretty quick to Allahpundit over at Hot Air.

(After discussing a prank the DNC pulled in giving the Fred Thompson campaign a life jacket) "Coming soon: the RNC has 1,000 ham/bacon/sausage pizzas delivered to Murtha’s district office with a note inviting him to enjoy the pork. Har dee har."

Other Pranks that could be pulled:

Giving John Kerry a box of Bland-Aids.
Giving Senator Harry Reid a white flag to wave every time he talks about Iraq.
Giving John Edwards a comb and hairspray.
Giving Ted Kennedy a list of locations and times for A.A. Meetings.
Giving Al Gore a second place trophy.
Giving Hillary Clinton a leash to put Bill on.

Name some other good pranks and put them in the comments section.