Wednesday, August 22, 2007

You Just Can't Win With Environmentalists

We've been searching for solutions to the country's energy crisis for decades, but when one solution comes along, an environmentalist comes and knocks it down.

Coal Power - Dirt cheap, and highly regulated with scrubbers, but it still pollutes. No Sir!

Hydro Power - Zero pollution, and a moderate power output, but it requires flooding lands, possibly disrupting animal habitats. We can't have that!

Solar Power - Another zero pollution form of energy, but it requires large areas of land and can disrupt animal habitats. NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Wind Power - Zero Pollution in an ever increasing amount of power output. But birds may fly into them! (And they don't like how they look) HEAVEN FORBID!!!!

But Behold! We have BIO-DIESEL! Corn! That will solve our problems! But wait, high concentrations of nitrogen and phosphorus from increases in fertilizer use to meet the demand have leeched into the water.

And people wonder why we are constantly in an energy crisis?