Friday, September 07, 2007

Big News For Truthers

A Zogby Poll just came out and I've got some big news for the people who believe the story in Loose Change.

29.1% Of people believe you!

Oh...wait. I did the math wrong, possibly how the truthers did it when they came up with that figure. I simply added the percentages of each group together. But guess what! That's WRONG!

The actual figure is of the 967 people polled, only 45 people believed that the government caused the attacks on 9/11. That's only 4.65% who believe the crap you tried to pass off as legit.

One sad fact though is that 25.7% of people believe that the government let 9/11 happen, mostly from the moderate/liberal side. 173 of the 249 people who responded that way were in the middle or to the left side of the political spectrum.