Monday, September 03, 2007

Immigration Hypocrisy

Mexican President Calderon's calls for the United States to loosen their immigration policies have no right to be coming from his mouth. If you look at it, the immigration policies in Mexico make the U.S.'s look like they are already open border policies.

In the United States only 2 job positions require a native born person, the President and Vice President. All others require citizenship and possibly a minimum living in the States. In Mexico, if you're not native born, you cannot partake in ANY government job.
"...Mexico’s Constitution reserves almost all federal posts, and any position in the military and merchant marine, for 'native-born Mexicans.'"
Not only that, but the Mexican government has been trying to make those restrictions even tighter to include jobs such as fire fighters, police officers.
On top of that Mexico has an immigrant population of only about 1/2 million out of 105 million citizens (0.5%), while only allowing 3,000 people per year to become legal citizens.

Compare that to the United States has 38.9 Million immigrants among the 299 million residents of the United States (13%) and allows nearly 500,000 people PER YEAR to become American Citizens.

So Felipe, instead of being more open now, we'll wait until you decide to make your country more like ours before we start to open up more than we already have.