Thursday, July 20, 2006

Who NOT To Vote For

If you are voting in the Senate race in TN, I can't tell you which of 2 Republican candidates I endorse, but what I can tell you is who I absolutely, under no circumstance, WILL NOT endorse, and who I feel you 100% SHOULD NOT vote for.

That man is Bob Corker.

You've heard his commercials. He talks about how he "reduced the size of Government," and has caused taxes to be the lowest in Chattanooga since the 50's, and how he is "100% pro-life," and rebukes senators for raising their own salaries while in office.
I'm here to tell you that that is a load of CRAP.

Here is the TRUTH about Bob Corker.

  • Bob Corker raised Property taxes by 48% the first year as mayor of Chattanooga. Those taxes weren't removed until AFTER he left office in 2005.
  • Bob Corker said "I will take no pledge either. I like living in a state with no income tax; at the same time, I realize there may be pressing needs we may not be aware of," about a new state income tax for TN.
  • Bob Corker raised taxes 4% on buying a hotel room in Chattanooga.
  • Bob Corker has repeatedly used loopholes to avoid paying income taxes.
  • Bob Corker chastises D.C. politicians for voting themselves pay raises while in office, but took a $3,000 pay raise while in office himself.
  • Bob Corker is a TEXTBOOK example of a R.I.N.O.
  • Bob Corker is only pro-life when it will help him politically.
  • Bob Corker refused to say "I am pro-Life." in a 2005 interview with The Tennessean
  • Bob Corker ran against Bill Frist as a pro-abortion candidate in 1994
  • Bob Corker increased government spending by 18.5% ($23 million) in his 4 years as mayor, despite the fact he "inherited" a $17 million dollar budget deficit.
*Unless linked in the statement, information found at Bob The Fraud.*

Bob Corker is "a non-acceptable candidate with no demonstrated track record, except a bad one. Brian Harris in The Nashville City Paper, 3/29/2006