Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Lead Rain

Men serving the United states were on a patrol recently, as they investigated a story told to them by local people. Then suddenly they were met by a wall of bullets, sustained for close to 10 minutes from 2 directions. But the men couldn't even fire a shot, because they were out gunned. They had to wait for the rain of lead to end.

Where was this incident?
Baghdad, Iraq? No.
Kabul, Afghanistan? No.

This incident happend at the United States and Mexico Border in Hidalgo County, Texas, at the Rio Grande River.

And it's not just guns, either. They are experts at phone tapping, counter-surveillence, small arms such as machine guns and grenade launchers, lock picking, monitoring the Border Patrol Office, as well as the Agent's cell phone calls.

But we don't need to step up our border security do we?