Tuesday, September 07, 2004

DMB Fan Finds Bands True Side

I'm a huge fan of Dave Matthews as well as many of the college students here in TN, and I would think that it would upset a few of them as it did me that the band is performing at a series of shows called "Vote For Change." Although the shows don't "officially" support a candidate, all of them did pledge allegiance to John Kerry.

One website, Ants Marching.org seems to be a more right sided webpage since they do announce that a vote for Kerry is a vote to raise taxes since Kerry has repeatedly stated he would remove the Bush Tax cuts that helped to stimulate the economy, job growth, as well as Consumer Spending.

Certainly this won't change my views on his music since it is in my opinion incredible nor will it keep me from going to his concerts, but it does put into perspective how he's been affected by the whole liberalization that came with his fame.