Wednesday, October 13, 2004

"Kerry Seeks Support IN Black Churches"

Reverend Al Sharpton invited John Kerry to speak DURING church service this past weekend at Friendship Missionary Baptist Church. Kerry was directly campaigning to black voters during religious services, a violation of the church and state clause in the 1st Amendment.
This is a direct quote from a news agency, IOL. "Kerry's mission was not to save souls but to woo voters, hoping to capture still palpable fury over President George Bush's disputed 2000 election win."
Reminder Al Sharpton said this in the Boston Globe, "The courts have not gone too far in maintaining the separation of church and state in public places. Our public places should not be used to put forth any particular religious viewpoint or message. Christian symbols and language have their place in many venues, homes and places of worship, but should not be placed in government buildings or public property any more than symbols of other faiths such as Islam or Judaism have any place in our courtrooms and public areas."
I wonder if he believes in keeping the state out of his church...
These are the same liberal democrats who want to keep the 10 Commandments out of Supreme Courts. That want it to be illegal to read a bible during free time at school. The same people that waned to change the LA County Seal because it had a small spanish missionary cross on it. This is a direct showing of how democrats are; They tell you one thing, then do another. Al Sharpton needs to have his license to preach taken away.

And of course...leave it to the Reverend Jackson to use slavery from 140 years ago, to benefit his cause. "The power is in your hands, hands that once picked cotton, on November 2 can pick a president."